Apartments in Saplunara, Mljet Island, Croatia

Beach Saplunara


Located on the southernmost point of the island Mljet, Saplunara is a natural wonder of the Adriatic Sea. Long sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, and untouched nature is what it is most known for.
Saplunara Bay is about one kilometer long, enclosed by a thick forest of pine. The sea in the shallows of Saplunara Bay can reach up to 28 °C in summer. Saplunara has two longer sandy beaches called Big Saplunara and Small Saplunara and one smaller beach. Our apartments are located on this small secluded beach. It is a two-minute walk to the Big Saplunara and a five-minute walk to the Small Saplunara. Another beach, Blace, is about a 15 minute walk or short drive from our apartments. It is an isolated sandy lagoon on the very tip of Mljet and is a definite must-see.

The name Saplunara comes from the Latin word sabalum meaning tiny sand. Legend has it that the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked in Saplunara on his way to Rome in 61 A.D. and spent several months preaching the Gospel. It is quite possible that he was the one to have named this wondrous place.
Saplunara is a protected landscape by the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Croatia. To read more about Saplunara and its distinctive characteristics of vegetation please click Protected Landscape of Saplunara for a brochure from the Croatian Ministry of Culture. During your visit please take care to protect the rich natural heritage of this area.